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Our Philosophy, Background and Customer Satisfaction

Introducing Léon Alberti Restaurant

Léon Alberti Restaurant is situated in the Santa Catalina district of Palma (Mallorca), at no. 18 Plaza Progrés.  Its telephone number is 971.28.32.81

The team at Léon Alberti Restaurant serve a selection of the finest Mallorcan cuisine, classic specialities, and signature dishes by our chef.

We use top-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. Some are from Na Set Centes, a rural accommodation centre in Artà (www.nasetcentes.com ), where we grow them organically (using natural fertilizers, instead of chemical products that force their growth), picking them when they are at their peak. The rest are purchased from Mallorcan farms with a market reputation for quality on which we can rely.

We buy the fish for our à la carte meals and lunchtime set menus at the market. The meat is bought from a supplier of first-class meat products.


Although Léon Alberti is a newly opened restaurant, the type of catering we offer is nothing new to us. Last year we were very successful in offering similar cuisine at Na Set Centes rural accommodation centre, now celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Although the restaurant at Na Set Centes was initially unknown, gradually people got to hear about it and came to dine. It was gratifying to see couples and families come back up to three or four times last summer or to be told by a German couple, when asked if they were holidaying in Artà or the surrounding area, that they were staying in Lluchmajor but had made the trip specially because the restaurant had been recommended by friends who had dined there. We also received a phone call from
Madrid from some people planning to take a short weekend break in Mallorca who wanted to book a table at our restaurant on the recommendation of friends.
We succeeded in offering the level of quality we sought to achieve and in pleasing customers. The restaurant at Na Set Centes is still open, although this year we will only be serving meals on Mondays and Wednesdays by prior reservation (971.83.54.29).

What inspired us to open Léon Alberti Restaurant was an aspiration that we had long had to bring our culinary skills to the city: an urban environment in a place we both know and like.

The Cuisine and Our Philosophy

Léon Alberti Restaurant offers a selection of the finest Mallorcan and Mediterranean cuisine, together with signature dishes by chef Berta Gómez, the restaurant’s co-founder and co-manager who trained at the UIB’s
Hotel & Catering School.
Our philosophy is to offer customers original recipes made at the restaurant, ranging from basic dishes like “eggs with tomato” to more intricate ones inspired by French cuisine, such as sea bass in almond sauce. One example of a favourite dessert for diners is gató, made according to a traditional recipe and served with our chef’s own almond ice cream.

We shun industrially or semi industrially made products, like desserts manufactured by specialist suppliers that sell them to many restaurants. Every single dish and every single dessert is made by us in Léon Alberti’s kitchen.


we serve a daily set menu (comprising a starter, main meal, dessert, and water or glass of wine) for €12 including VAT.

In the evening we serve a choice of two starters, two main meals, and two desserts. It is up to you to decide whether you want a starter, main meal and a dessert or just a starter and a dessert, a main meal and a dessert, or any other combination.

The price of an evening meal starts at about €24 (for a starter or main meal and a dessert, accompanied by a glass of wine). A starter, main meal and dessert plus wine costs between €30 or 40.

We hope you enjoy your meal.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the highpoints of our work is when diners give us positive feedback. During the period that the restaurant has been open, we have been fortunate to receive praise on numerous occasions, when customers from Palma or visitors from Spain, Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Germany have told us how much they have enjoyed their food. For instance, when a waiter asked some British diners if the food was good, they replied “Not good, excellent”. The previous Thursday a Swedish couple had visited us, returning again on the Saturday and greeting us with a smile, saying “Hello, we’re back, we love your restaurant”. It was also gratifying when some German diners said “Grüsse an die Chefin” (Congratulate the chef) or when some Mallorcan diners asked us “Have you any cards? We loved it. We’re going to recommend you to others”.

In all the above cases, the customers had come for an evening meal. As for our lunchtime set menu, some customers have come on repeated occasions. When they come back for a fourth time, we see that they like the kind of menu we offer.

We know it is not always possible to attain such high praise, and it would probably be a pipe dream to seek it as a goal. However, we aim, at all times, to offer sincere, top-quality cuisine able to appeal to as many people as possible.

At lunchtime we offer a €12 set menu with a more traditional, every-day style of cuisine, without ever relinquishing the quality of the produce we use. In the evening, we offer an à la carte selection of dishes.

lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Introducing Restaurante Leon Alberti

We would like to introduce Restaurante León Alberti, situtated in Plaza Progrés 18, 07013 Palma de Mallorca, in the beautiful area of Santa Catalina Market.
At Restaurante León Alberti we offer a  selection of the finest Mallorcan and Mediterranean specialties, plus some examples of signature cuisine.
The vegetables are  homegrown by us on the estate Na Set Centes (http://www.nasetcentes.com/ ), using traditional agricultural methods. When homegrown produce is not available, it will come from other estates in Mallorca or from the market.
All courses, including desserts, are  prepared by us at Restaurante León Alberti, all served in an enchanting setting with friendly attentive service.

If you wish to visit us, we will be delighted to attend to you.
For bookings, telephone (00 34) 971 28 32 81

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